Well. That’s a big hurdle.

Back in November, we got the news that Tracy’s father was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Already in January 2019 he was diagnosed and beat asophageal cancer, but in November, he had a new tumor in his liver. Thanks to the help of a friend, we managed to visit Tracy’s family in December, to make sure we got to see him. A few weeks ago, we were told it wouldn’t be too long. A few days ago, he passed away.

After three rounds of chemo, his scan results came back and showed that not only did the chemo do nothing, his tumor had grown significantly, and the cancer had metasticized into his lungs. After that, he pretty much just gave up and went downhill incredibly quickly. Fortunately, we’d acted quickly, and booked Tracy a ticket to the US right away. Two days after booking, the US announced a travel ban—fortunately, Tracy’s flight left on the Friday just before the ban would go into effect (but even then, as a US citizen she would still have been allowed in).

Since then, the EU has also started closing its borders, with Tracy still in the US. So far, the EU as well allows family members to reconnect, and given her residency status she should also be allowed to return. It’s still something to be a little concerned about, though. I have no doubt that her being there was a good choice, and that we’ll figure out whatever’s next when we get to it. It is hard to have to miss her, though.

For our immigration plans, however, this also throws a wrench in the works. Canada has closed its borders, and at this point, nobody really knows what’s going to happen. The news from the Dutch ministry warns us that the virus might be here for months more, and possibly longer. What long-term effects will it have on life? On travel? And, for our purposes, on possiblities to emigrate?

I doubt that this spells the complete end of the international world, but I can imagine it might certainly complicate immigration with additional requirements. Then again, perhaps once the virus has run its course, every country will be clamoring for workers to fill their reinvigorated economies. Who is to say? I hope you stay safe out there, and that we’ll all get through this as healthily as we can manage.

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