Back Problems

On Monday morning, I pulled my back by, well, pulling on my back. Aside from starting running back up, I figured I’d get back into Yoga on my off days. Naturally, I made the same mistake as I did last time I picked Yoga back up. A golden rule in Yoga is that you stretch only as far as is comfortable. That’s not to say you’re not supposed to actually stretch, but that it’s never supposed to be painful. So there I am, with the instruction to touch my knee with the tip of my nose from a three-legged dog position—a thing I used to be able to do with ease. Now, the point is to get some flexibility back and reduce a little ache, so I expected to not be able to do all the things I used to do. However, this one didn’t particularly hurt, so I figured I was fine. I’m stretching my knee to my nose, and can nearly touch it; however, as I turn my head down a little, I hear an audible snap from my back.

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As you can imagine, I spent most of the Monday having shoots of pain if I moved the wrong way, but thankfully with the care of Tracy I managed to deal with it rather quickly. Tuesday felt a little better but still quite painful. Wednesday, I was a little better still, but still stiff and painful, which, sadly, has meant it was better to skip that run (dangerous territory, there—this is how it starts!). Today, I’m more stiff than painful, fortunately. Not up to one hundred percent, but I also don’t feel as incapacitated as I have. Hopefully, soon, this’ll be no problem at all again.

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