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Yesterday, I ran again for the first time since last Monday, and today I did Yoga again for the first time since last Tuesday. After having injured my back last Tuesday, I had to take a little bit off to recuperate. This was a dangerous proposition, because as I wrote before, it’s exactly this type of situation that raises the risk of me slipping and abandoning my exercise. That’s why I am proud of myself that I made sure to continue, despite those thoughts that said “Maybe take a little time more, just to make sure you’re fully healed.”

My wife, fortunately, trained to be a nurse, and has also learned a lot of massage techniques. She figured out last week that I had just popped a rib, and managed to massage away some of the fluid that was building up. So, I did feel good enough yesterday to run. I was a little concerned during Yoga today, because I worried that I would again overdo it, but I made sure to just stretch gently. After all, it’s not about going to extremes, it’s about doing it.

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