#RPGaDay2020 11: Stack

I used to own a literal stack of RPG books. I’m not kidding, once when I moved apartments, I stacked them together and covered them in a blanket to create a makeshift chair until I got furniture. However, the more books I had, the fewer games I seemed to play. It was interesting having all these books, and referencing different ideas and genres to bring things into other games. However, most ended up being unused and just taking up space on my bookshelves.

So, somewhere last year, I did a purge. I looked at each of my RPG books and decided which one I actually wanted to play. I ended up with just a handful of RPGs that I kept, and the rest a friend of mine took over from me. It feels a bit Mari Kondo, but I have to say it does feel a lot better to have only those RPGs that I really click with.

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