#RPGaDay2020 14: Banner

When I was growing up, it was still considered a little weird to play RPG games. We’re now at the stage where playing videogames as an adult isn’t particularly weird (though it’s not fully mainstream either). Fortunately, the Netherlands never reached the Satanic Panic-levels of the US either. Basically, it’s a bit of an odd hobby, that people aren’t necessarily too familiar with unless they were already introduced to it.

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced anybody to gaming. Usually, I get into my groups as friends of friends bring along others, and so on. Most of them have played something or are familiar with it at least. I’ve played with the younger brother of another player before who wanted to give it a try, but then again he also already roughly knew what was going on.

Nevertheless, I think it’s good to hang out the nerd banner every once in a while. I’m not particularly running around the office with gaming shirts (I chair committees at a local uni, so gaming shirts are not really on-brand there), but if the conversation comes up with colleagues, I won’t shy away from it either. It is odd, though, having to consciously pick who to talk about it to. Most people in education, or at least the set of faculties I operate in, aren’t quite up with pop culture.Sometimes, I suspect that people in IT sectors might have an easier time with this sort of thing.

Either way, while I won’t hang out the RPG tabletop-gaming banner at work, I do my best to represent it as a normal hobby whenever I can.

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