It’s a putsch, not a coup

Well, this was coming for a long time. For years, left-wing activists and journalists had been warning us all that right-wing extremist groups were a danger to the United States. Last night, we saw those warnings once again becoming reality, as they have done so frequently the past years. I fear that this isn’t so much the culmination of a terrible presidency, but just the beginning of a long and tiring road leading ever to worse things. To the right-wing extremists, this wasn’t a failed putsch (it’s a coup when it’s done by the military; when the public does it, it’s a putsch), but rather it was a victory. They’ve shown that they can instill fear in the world. They don’t feel weak for not stopping the certification, they feel strong because they made an impact. I can only look on in horror, and I fear for what happens next.

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