Pomodoro r2 – Update 2

I’ve reworked the schematic to include the ATtiny84, and decided to just put a switch in there for the audio. After all, it either needs to attract your attention, or it doesn’t. There’s little sense in dimming it. If needed, I can always finagle a resistor in there during prototyping to check.

A circuit diagram showing the schematic for the second revision of the Pomodoro timer. It is a tangle of wires and components.
Figure 1: Pomodoro Timer, Rev 2.

I’m not particularly happy with how many lines cross in this schematic, but overall I still think it’s fairly legible. This time, I made sure to include a good footprint for each component in KiCad as well. I hope that’ll help me construct a good PCB later on, if I choose to do so. The one component I was struggling with a bit was the battery. I want to include it on the back somehow, but I’m not sure how. I’m pretty sure I can’t just glue it to the back (I mean, can’t I?), so I’m still thinking what to do about that.

Either way, it’ll be time to order some components soon for this build. In the meantime, I can look to adjusting the programming.

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