Messed Up Soldering

I tried soldering together that perfboard prototype I mentioned the other day, though it did not go well. My main issue is that I still can’t properly make those nice, clean solder lines on the underside of a board. As a result, my entire plan backfired, and so I tried using multiple jumper wires on the topside of the board. Let me tell you, improvising while soldering rarely works out for me. Perhaps it’s easier to do when you’re far more experiences, but for me it results in a large mess, and right now the board does not work.

In all likelihood, I’ve made some soldering error as I tried retooling the schematic on the fly. Some other day I’ll try tracing all the wires to see which one(s) I forgot, or which ones aren’t connected properly. Far more relevant, though, in my consideration, is that I’ll need some solid practice into making nice solder lines. Either I’m struggling against the surface tension of the solder or I’m accidentally bridging gaps between adjacent pins (while I’m struggling against the surface tension). Yet when I see some videos on YouTube, some people seem to have no problem with it at all. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong here yet, and I think I may juat start soldering some random wires just to practice this better. It seems to me that this is a major factor holding me back in doing better projects right now.

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