A little bit of experience

When I started this blog, I mainly did it as an outlet for my thoughts. I wanted to have a place to put my experiences, and since I’d started moving away from most social media, this was still a good place to send things out that weren’t specifically targeted at somebody (come to think of it, I do seem to write to somebody, even if that is an abstract idea of a somebody). However, when I posted about the last revision of the pomodoro timer yesterday, I started scrolling back to see what my earliest posts about it. What an experience to see the progress, not just in the design but also just in my ability to build things! Yesterday, I had the satisfaction of seeing a neatly completed product but, today, I have the joy of seeing the advancement in my own skills. A lovely little benefit to blogging.

In any case: have a look at the before-and-after yourself:

Just compare that to the second revision:

And to think there’s only really a few months between these versions!

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