International Waters is Released

A friend of mine, Capybarbarian, has just released his third adventure, called International Waters, for The Sprawl RPG. He was kind enough to run it for me and a few others in a playtest session, and it was a lot of fun.

Figure 1: The cover for International Waters – if you play The Sprawl, I can recommend it. If you like cyberpunk, I can recommend it. Heck, I can just recommend it outright!

It’s a cyberpunk adventure, in which your crew is hired to retrieve a person from a ship that’s been stranded somewhere due to corporate tomfoolery. When we played it, we chose a route of violence – I looked forward to seeing how Capybarbarian would deal with our crazy approach, and he GM’d it quite nicely. The end result for us was an action-packed module that had an enticing background – a setting that hinted at so much more behind it. That was with us doing our best to ignore the plot points, to stress his module and put it through the wringer. There’s a wonderfully intricate world that’s behind it all and, honestly, all of us wanted to replay it right after we finished to find out more about it.

As I’ve gotten used to, his work is thoroughly researched, with a lot of references to real-world events, cultures, and situations. I can thoroughly recommend you give it a try.

Capybarbarian’s three available modules can be found for sale here.

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