Headphones Broken and Repaired Once More

Yesterday, tragedy struck in the form of an excited kitty hunting for a sky raisin (known as “flies” to non-cat owners). Little Geralt was so excitedly jumping from floor to comfy chair to window that he slighly missed the windowsill and in his frantic scramling he discovered my headphones where not the lifeline he was looking for. As a result, they got dashed to the floor like a 16th century ship to a rocky shore and cleft in twain. I am bereft of headphones. I’d replaced the pads, the cables, and even the drivers on this little ship of Theseus, but this time it’s one of the plastic mechanical components. Audio-Technica is not in the habit of providing many replacement components, and the process of even getting to a request form for what they do offer is troublesome.

Fortunately, the break point was not a pressure point as I initially suspected it was. Most headphones clamp slightly on your head to stay on properly, and I had assumed that the breakpoint, being so near the hinge, would experience some forces from that. Fortunately, some liberal application of a glue gun had the section set quite nicely, and I’m now using the headphones once more!

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