Old-School Maps

Thanks to the August 2nd RPGaDay2021 prompt, I’ve been looking at art in RPG books a little more, and specifically maps. I love those old-school black and white drawings, and was quite pleased when Fub introduced me to the Trilemma blog a while back. I’d mentioned how I enjoyed this one-page dungeon I was introduced to via the Torchbearer 2nd Edition Kickstarter campaign, and he managed to link me to the Trilemma blog that was just filled with more such one-page dungeons. What joy! Not only that, but the art on them was just so evocative.

With a little bit of browsing this evening, I ran into a blog called “Paths Peculiar” that has a couple of lovely tutorials on how to make basic maps. It’s exactly the style that I’d like to be able to make (despite not taking any time to practice drawing, but I’ll “cross that bridge when I burn it”, as a colleague used to mangle that saying). The tutorials are so accessible that maybe I’ll try my hand at a little drawing after all. I couldn’t leave it without spreading the word, so please find below a link to the blog:

The lovely “Paths Peculiar” blog. It has some easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make some basic maps.

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