RPGaDay 2021 #8: Stream

For today’s prompt I think I’ll just do a little self-promotion. Years ago, I streamed regularly on Twitch, saving the videos on YouTube. Mostly, these were PC games, but there were also a few tabletop RPGs I was involved with.

The first RPG we streamed online was Dungeon World, which was a lovely game that went very much off the rails and we all loved that. We had about 13 sessions before it ran out, all of which can be found in this playlist. I do have to mention at this point that Dungeon World was co-created by Adam Koebel, an individual that has been exposed to be highly toxic. So, sadly, while Dungeon World was a very entertaining RPG, it also feels somewhat tainted to me now.

The first video in the full playlist of the Dungeon World campaign.

The next RPG we streamed online was The Sprawl, a lovely cyberpunk RPG about doing missions and watching everything go wrong. Sadly, this was a shorter run with only 8 sessions, but it was still wonderfully entertaining. The sessions can all be found in this playlist. I do miss playing games with this group, as we did have so much fun together. We’d played some games online but off-stream after this, but work pressures kept increasing for me, and I pulled out of those to keep some time to myself.

The first session of The Sprawl RPG campaign

The last RPG I was involved with was Eric Vulgaris‘ adaptation of The Sunless Citadel in Torchbearer. I’d never met either Eric of Alex at that point, nor had I played Torchbearer before, so it was a game of firsts for me. Eric did a great job in making everything run quite smoothly, and Alex and Alain really brought the roleplaying to that game. Sadly, we did have to end that campaign prematurely: Eric is in a North American timezone and the rest of us were in European timezones. You can imagine that wreaked havoc on Eric’s schedule, as he was kind enough to adjust to ours, but that could only last so long. You can see the full playlist of this game here.

The first session of The Sunless Citadel in Torchbearer

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