RPGaDay 2021 #18: Write

Todayś RPGaDay 2021 prompt is “Write”, which is ironic for a blog to write about, as that’s all I’ve been doing the past three weeks or so, of course. I love writing about RPGs, but for this post I’ll write about writing for campaigns, to mix things up.

I enjoy the idea of writing out campaigns and sessions, so that I have something to fall back on. While my GMing style at the table is improvisational, I want to have a solid background or preparation to fall back on if needed. I don’t enjoy laying down a railroad track for the players to follow but as long as you have a broad plot in mind you can always create a story together with the players. If you have the plot points ready, during play you can always move things around as needed. Your intended murder suspect can end up being the informant who was being framed, and a new previously innocent person ends up being the murderer. Sure, who cares? The players are having fun solving a murder mystery, which was the overall point anyway.

One thing that seems quite interesting to me, but also incredibly daunting, is using these types of notes to create a more polished product that I could actually put out there. A fun module that other people could use as well. It sounds cool, but I suspect the reality of it would be quite intimidating and potentially frustrating. Maybe once I’ve run this current campaign, I’ll take my notes and solidify them into a more polished thing and see what I can do.

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