Attack of the Billy

Yesterday, when trying to assemle one of the classic Billy bookcases, I injured my foot. I had assembled the frame, as usual, and needed to get that folded wooden panelling on the back. Normally, the idea is to slide that into the frame from the bottom to then nail it in place; however, in this case, the room was too small to also accomodate sliding that frame into place. Fortunately, you can also fiddle the back into place from the side just fine. However, when trying to get that done, I felt I needed to put the Billy on its side so I could slide the second half into position better. In a moment that was a little too quick for me to know exactly what happened, the Billy frame hit something, slid out of my hands, and landed straight on the top of my left foot.

Fortunately, Tracy was right there to help with my now-swiftly-swelling foot, as we kept it elevated and iced. This morning, fortunately, it’s not as swollen or bruised as it could have been, and it’s mostly just sore enough to make walking or standing achy and painful. Still, things could have been worse, so I consider myself quite lucky. Most likely, all I’ll have to contend with is working from home for the next couple of days, as wearing a shoe on that foot isn’t an option right now.

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