House Progress

Step by step, this house is starting to shape up. Today, Tracy and I spent some time organizing the wardrobe. We still can’t find the screws to my wardrobe, so we’ll be sharing hers for the time being. In the long run, we want to replace these broken-down second-hand things, but we’ll have plenty of expenses to go before then. So, today, we’ve spent a lot of time unpacking more boxes, clearing out suitcases, folding, stacking, and generally playing clothing-Tetris. The great outcome is that I no longer have to scrounge through boxes to find things to wear! I ended the whole ordeal by clearing some things from the office and the bedroom, carrying some suitcases and cat carriers to the attic.

I do have to say it’s been a pretty tough set of weeks moving. Every day has been filled with getting some work done, including gettings things done around the house after my job. I’ve been really beat in the evenings, though at the same time it’s really rewarding to settle into the house and making it ours more and more by inches. Still, I’m looking forward to when I can finally get some sleep again tonight, as the tank is pretty empty.

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