Watabou Region Map Experiment

I wanted to get a little bit more experience making maps in Wonderdraft and particularly with coloring maps. I figured it would be easiest if I took a simple, small map to work on so I could really focus on the process of it. Fortunately, Watabou, over on itch.io, has a map generator called Perilous Shores that outputs wonderful old-school–style map:

The original map from Watabou Perilous Shores generator

I love the simplicity of a little hex map, and it gives a varied set of items to work with. So, I went to work in Wonderdraft to try and create a colored version of the same map:

The version I made in Wonderdraft

It’s a fun little look, and nice to get a map done quickly like this. I’m not too happy with the coloring, as the label color for the marsh looks off to me as well as the marsh coloring itself. However, the sea color works quite nicely, and I think the forest ground and sandy plains colors work quite well. I think the next thng that I want to look at testing more is the coloring for labels so make them look more natural and integrated with the map itself.

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