RPGaDay 2022 #1

I didn’t remember that it was already August 3rd, and of course RPGaDay would have already started! Time to do some catch-up, then. This year, the prompts are different from last year’s: before, they were one-word prompts to encourage a lot of variation in results but this year they are explicit questions.

The question for August 1st is:

Who would you like to introduce to RPGs?

RPGaDay prompt #1, from https://www.autocratik.com/2022/

I don’t have anybody specific in mind, really, as a person who I’d suspect would be in to playing TTRPGs. It would actually be cool to have a couple of colleagues who would be interested, as it’d be nice to get more in touch with them aside from work. However, to date I’ve not found anybody that seems interested or engaged with that kind of thing. Let’s hope that is a statement that deserves a “yet” at the end, though.

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