RPGaDay 2022 #5

Why will they like this game?

RPGaDay prompt #5, from The Autocratik Blog

It’s not quite clear who the “they” is in this question but given that the rest of the week seems themed around new RPGs, I think this prompt might be a follow-up to both prompts #1 and #2. However, I didn’t particularly single out an individual and a specific game for those prompts, so in my situation, that wouldn’t really work either.

Instead, I’ll rework this to focus on the upcoming Pathfinder 2nd edition Abomination Vaults game using Foundry VTT and the people that will be playing in that. I’m happy that the group for this game will be a mix of people I know from various groups; I think they’ll all mesh well with each other. Overall, they’re creative, interested, respectful of others, and fun to hang out with. The players together, I think, will mesh well and have fun.

The Abomination Vaults adventure path has recently been released as a collected edition, and also ported for use with Foundry VTT. I was thoroughly impressed with Paizo‘s Beginner’s Box offering for Foundry. All the information was presented really clearly for me as the DM, and my players could interact with the system really well as it took most of the mechanical work out of their hands. It impressed me to such a degree that I had no doubt that a large adventure path like the Abomination Vaults was sure to be a good package.

So, from what I expect, having a group of players that will mesh well together along with a system that will support all of us by reducing pressure, that the game as a whole will come together well.

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