RPGaDay 2022 #8

Who introduced you to RPGs?

RPGaDay prompt #8, from The Autocratik Blog

In a way, I discovered RPGs on my own. As I discussed in previous posts (here, here, and here), my start with RPGs comes from playing Baldur’s Gate on the PC back in 1998 and discovering that this was based on this strange tabletop game called Dungeons & Dragons. I’d only seen Baldur’s Gate advertised in gaming magazines back in the day, and asked my dad to buy me a cool RPG game while he was on one of his business trips to America. He asked the store clerk what the latest cool RPG game was, and of course they recommended Baldur’s Gate. So, I guess in a way that my father introduced me to it unwittingly?

On the other hand, I’m not sure I would have stuck with roleplaying games if I hadn’t met the friends I had in high school. They were a set of pretty nerdy twins who also loved games, and we all got pretty excited about trying the new 3rd edition of D&D. I imagine that without the games with them, I wouldn’t have really started off with the hobby. From there, I met a random dude from a forum who was looking for people to play with in our area. After a few games, he ended up wanting to DM a game himself with a group of other people, and that led to the next decade or so of my tabletop experiences.

It’s funny how large parts of your life can sometimes be held together by little coincidences.

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