RPGaDay 2022 #9

What is the 2nd RPG you bought?

RPGaDay prompt #9, from The Autocratik Blog

Ooh, what a tricky question! For the longest time, D&D 3.5 was my RPG of choice when I’d just discovered it. However, once I’d broadened my horizon, I’d broadened it quickly. The number of RPG books on my bookshelves ballooned from just the 3.5 PHB, DMG, and MM to suddenly two shelves full of different RPGs. All in all, it’s hard to remember exactly what my 2nd RPG was.

I think it might have been Vampire: The Masquerade, as I was playing a MUD based on the World of Darkness at that time. When the D&D campaign I played in ended, I started DMing a campaign set in the World of Darkness for that group before moving over to Pathfinderto return to a more D&D-style gameplay. In the meantime, I’d been playing a variety of indie RPGs as brief campaigns with some other friends. Basically, for me, in particular my years at uni were a high point of TTRPG playing.

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