Initial reactions to two days of #Dungeon23

It’s day 2 of 365, so my experiences are as fresh as can be. On top of that, I’m in the last week of my two-week Christmas break, so this can also give something of a distorted image. However, so far, it’s been interesting and doable.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that having my secretary desk setup is helping me stay focused and controlled. When I’m sitting at the desk, I know I sit down to write something related to RPGs, so I feel more focused than compared to, say, my desktop PC area. Secondly, having all my tools at my fingertips is stimulating to work with, as I can just reach out, open a drawer, and grab what I need.

Aside from this, my tablet has really come to its own as well as a blog-reading device. There’s so much being tweeted, tooted, blogged, and put on lately that it’s been really inspiring to see how everybody is approaching this. My tablet has really allowed me to dive into these posts in various places much better than reading on my phone allows me to do.

Drawing a map and adding quick connotations has been surprisingly quick these two days. While sitting down to make a dungeon seems like a daunting task to me, I’m tickled by how low the barrier is to just jotting down a single room. Moreover, doing this OSR style (having just a few keywords to set a theme and mood for a room) enables me to set something to paper without trying to meet a criteria I cannot reach (statting up an encounter, writing out box text, and so on).

Funnily enough, sticking to just a room per day has also sparked my imagination more than I figured. Having just drawn a quick entryway yesterday, at various times later I would have a quick bout of inspiration as to what it should lead into. I just made a quick note and moved on but this morning I could browse those notes and take the next step, which already led to more creative sparks.

Hopefully, five days from now, I’ll be able to put up the first two pages to see what the final result is.

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