Express Entry Seems the Best Canditate

Exploring our Visa options, it does seem as though Express Entry is the best option for us to emigrate to Canada. From the slew of temporary work programs (which run the risk of us being sent back), or the options available to Tracy (being American, she has different treaty options), Express Entry offers us hope.

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Remembering French

When I was in high school, I was taught Dutch, English, German, and French. Sadly, at the time I wasn’t particularly motivated to learn the latter two, and I could already speak the former two, so I took the easy route. Now, looking back, I realize how valuable it is to speak the languages of the countries surrounding you. Of course, I now also realize just how cheap, relatively speaking, that education was, compared to exploring language classes as an adult.

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Deciding to Emigrate to Canada

After quite some discussion, my wife Tracy and I have decided that we want to emigrate from The Netherlands to Canada. Having already had this blog space set up but never actually doing much with it, it seemed like tracking our experiences with such a major move seemed like an interesting thing to write about. In this first post, I wanted to talk about how we got to this decision.

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