Displaying Images on the Blog

Since I’ve been making so many maps lately, the blog has shifted a bit to a much more visual medium. Originally, the images I put on here were just photos to illustrate electronics projects. Now, though, the images themselves at times are the center stage.

The format that I have for images right now keeps them far too small, though, to nicely host and display something as intricate as a solid map. I’ll have to work on the blog and figure out if I can adjust those settings (and figure out how much hosting space I have, because these images can get big quite quickly!).

If you have any ideas or advice, I’d love to hear it.

Links on the Blog

WordPress can be somewhat obtuse at times. Or, at the least, its interface is opaque, to me. All I’m trying to do is to add a link to the right-hand menu to my GitHub page, so I can store project files on there without having to do that directly on the blog. If I were to do it on the blog, I’d have to edit some files to allow multiple types of uploads to the blog, including C-code. Considering I don’t fully know what kind of weaknesses that opens up, I’d much rather have GitHub be a place where I make these things public rather than on this server. However, despite clicking back and forth through the settings, I haven’t yet found a place to just easily add a link to the sidebar. Well, more searching online it is!

Busy Times

Woah, that had gotten away from me! I thought I’d missed another day, and turns out I’m more than two days behind at this point. I already cheated once when I forgot one day. The past days have been oddly busy. We’ve been doing more things around the apartment, doing some shopping, organizing, and so on. It’s the last few days of my holiday, so we’re trying to make the best out of it. So, before I realized it, I’d fallen behind on my RPGaDay posts.

It’s okay, though. It was a pretty decent challenge and I had no idea how tricky it’d be to post every single day; that was an interesting lesson to learn. As far as keeping up habits going, I’m more happy that I’m still sticking to the running. It’s been tricky building that back up again, as I’m not in the phase where the program transitions from shorter intervals to longer intervals. That’s always the toughest set. Moreover, the Runkeeper app I’m using for that training program has a six-week program compared to the 9-week C25k program I was used to. The higher pace is a bit of a challenge but at the same time, given that I’d run for quite a while in the past, it’s easier to catch back up, so it’s doable.

I was happy this morning to see that my running pace was also getting back to near where it was five years ago. So far, while I was running, my pace kept being in the top-15 to top-20 of my previous paces. That makes sense, given that my previous paces involved many runs without intervals and now I was back to intervals with longer walking sessions. This morning, my pace was suddenly back in the top-5. That felt pretty good!

Also, I am happy that the audio trainer in the app is at least realistic about the goals of running. I hear a lot of people talking about how much fun running is. I have never felt running itself was fun—you’re tired, you’re sweaty, and if you’re doing it right, you’re not comfortable but at a pace that pushes you. Running is exhausting and annoying. What’s great is finishing a run. That’s when you feel awesome about yourself. That’s when you feel great about having shown up that day and finishing that run. I feel good during the day, when I have more energy and feel more powerful. But during that run? Oof.